Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Challenges

Thought I would quickly post a couple of LO's I did for some of the November challenges at Bons.

The monthly sketch was a nice and easy sketch to follow...especially for me...hahaha!! and Felicity provided a gorgeous sample for us. This is what I came up with. Extra criteria was to include bookpaper and distressing.

This one was for the Write Now challenge which we had to scrap holiday photos. Extra criteria was, multiple photos, paint, PP as a background and of course as the challenge is titled, its all about the journelling. I wanted to keep this one nice and simple cause I wanted to focus to be on the photos.

Anyway, I had a fantastic morning over at a girlfriends place with her newborn little girl. She also has a little boy Riley's age so they had a good time playing together as well. Made me VERY clucky!!!! Well better get a few things done while they are still asleep.

Melinda xx

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am so lucky...

to have sisters who are my best friends!! I seriously don't know what I would do without them. This week at Bon's CC, Bon set us a colour challenge of blue, teal, red, black and white only with photo/s of a friends/s and some meaningful journelling. So I hummed and arhed over what photo to do and finally settled on scraping a photo of my beautiful sisters. The photo was taken ages ago, I think I was pregnant with one of the boys but I always liked it. Even tho its not a great photo, it had a lot of meaning to me. We plan this christmas to get a whole heap of family photos. Anyways, here it is...

The sketch challenge at Bon's CC was awesome and this is what I came up with. We had to use fabric, dots and checks. Loved this one, it totally got me out of my comfort zone.

Well Round 4 is up for the "win a 3 month kit subscription". I love it!! This time we have to make our own mask, use a punch & knot something ie ribbon etc. PLUS we have to do at least one of the December monthly challenges all due by the 6th December. So I better get cracking. Still have a few November challenges I would like to get finished.

Stay tuned I have two challenges on the go and hopefully will have them finished in the next day or so.

Keep smiling :-)
Love Melinda xx

Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Friday and its HOT!!

Man, its hot...trying to stay cool is a full time job...haha!! so glad for air con, although I am never glad when I get the power bill.!!

Well the boys are at daycare today and I have been busy running errands and doing washing and all the lovely housey duties....but I just wanted to quickly post up a LO I did last night for the November CC at Bons. It was to scraplift my LO!!! And this is how different I came up with. What do you think?? Look anything like my other one...LOL.!! I love it, it just came together nicely for a change. Did the opposite....well I really LOVED Charm's scraplift so I scraplifted hers!! The extra criteria are there, the little black brads and the white heart brad as well as using a diecut as a stencil, which is the scallops. I just love the scrolled paper, it really draws your attention to the photo.

Also there is a photography challenge running at the moment at Bons. Loads of fun. Everyday we need to take a photo of something..Yesterday it was something started with "A"...I thought about and thought about and eventually I got the dictionary out...hahaha!!! But then I had a brainwave...well I thought it was...I remembered in my box of party stuff, I had left over from Finlay's birthday, some ALLEN lollies...

So what do you think?? I think YUMMY!!!! haha!! Today is "Look up high and I see" hmmmm....need to think more about that, have an idea but hopefully it will work.

So what are you plans for the weekend?? Well not much here, its going to be hot, so might get the pool out for the boys...although they have a birthday party to go to in the morning. The little boy across the road is 3 tomorrow. So they will go over for that for a couple of hours, but I am hoping to scrap...that's a definite, I suppose washing, and should do some tidying up.

Whatever you do, stay cool, I think everywhere is hot at the moment. Have a great weekend and I will catch up with you next week. I will definately have some more LO's to share.

Thank you for all your comments, you brighten up my day :-)
Love you all
Melinda xx

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Happy birthday to my very beautiful mum!! Wishing you a terrific day, know that you will cause you are at the beach!!!! Half your luck!! Won't tell you how old she is...she may not like!!

Thought I would quickly share a LO I did over at Bons for the November room of the month. Yes I did a pink LO for a boy!!! Actually have done a few pink LO's in the last few weeks. Will share some more later. I am loving machine stitching at the moment. Having fun playing around on my sewing machine.

Big day today and I have lots of scrapping to do, so better keep going.
Be back later with more.
Melinda xx

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a night!!!!!!!!

Yep had a fantastic cybercrop night over at Bons. I had been feeling a little blah all day and talking to the girls and seeing the challenges made my night (even tho I didn't win bingo!! haha!!). In fact I couldn't wind down for a looooong time afterwards, lying in bed thinking of all I had to so, photos to organise, papers I wanted to use, colours, designs all going over in my head....a little annoying when I know I should be asleep as the boys wake early. Does this happen to you??

Anyway, your not going to believe but the ever gorgeous Charm from Bons chose one of MY layouts to scraplift. You can imagine how surprised I was to see it. Its this one.

Its funny but when I finished this one, I wasn't entirely happy with it. Just didn't turn out how I imagined. I guess it goes to show that everyone's LO's have things that appeal to different people. Charm did an amazing job in scraplifting it too. Go over to Bons and check it out. Oh some extra criteria required for this one is to use Brads and a Diecut as a stencil. I am looking forward to doing this one.

Bon has set a fantastic colour challenge. Colours this time are blue, teal, red, black and white and needs to be a LO of a friend or friends with meaningful journalling. Can't wait to try this one.!

Skye has given us a sketch which looks awesome BUT extra criteria is fabric and polka dots and checks together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all I thought, what the!! but after I had a look in my stash, I think I have something that will work.

PLUS the fabulous and beautiful Felicty has a photography challenge running all week. Yesterday it was to take a photo from our kitchen window, and today it is "today I am....." should be lots of fun. And there is a blog hop too.

So there is loads for me to do. I have to have a least one of these completed by Sunday for the "win a kit" competition, but I hopefully want to get them all done.

Anyway best keep going and get a few things done. The day is going to be a hot one again.!!!

Take care and keep smiling :-)

Love and hugs
Melinda xx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few more to share...

Well I just thought I would share a couple of other LO's I managed to get done over the weekend for Scrapability Sketches. I was doing my usual blog hopping and came across this site and loved the couple of sketches they had going for November. You should go over there and have a go. Lovely bunch of girls.

Anyway, Bon's Cybercrop is on today and I can't wait! Will be back to share those LO's.

Melinda xx

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scrappy Weekend!

Well I had a scrappy weekend...which felt sooooooo good.!! Brad had a night with the boys on Friday night so I stayed home and while my little boys were asleep I scrapped the night away and ended up with two LO's finished....never done that before!!! So I thought I would share.

This one is for the "win a kit"competition over at Bons. The challenge this time was to create a LO with a B&W photo, only 3 PP, 1 Diecut and it had to have scallops in there somewhere. PLUS...there was a list of elements to which we had to choose 7 but I impressed myself and was able to use all of them. So here it is. I was so impressed with how it all came together.

Using the paper of the month over at Bons. Loved it so much that I even bought 2 pieces of it!! lol.... its the Basic Grey urban prairie/morning glory paper. You can buy it here.

I ended up doing two more pages but I will share with you tomorrow hopefully.

Have a very scrappy and happy week everyone :-)!

Love and hugs
Melinda xx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm In Love!!

hmmmm, yes with Bon's November boy kit.!! Take a look, doesn't it look devine. I can't wait to get my hands into this one. Oops! just noticed that the Metallic Shades paint is missing!

Anyway, I have had a very busy week doing all the usual stuff but I am also trying to workout everyday which limits my time to getting other things done!! Oh well I feel better for it tho!

Have managed to do two LO's this week. One I will share now, the other I have yet to take a photo of you will just have to wait...hehe.. I decided to plunge in and do my very first Stuck Sketches/123 Challenge for Novermber. The criteria was to use a stuck sketch along with a baby/pregnancy photo and a diecut. I know the sketch had two photos in it but I only had one to work with, so hoping that is acceptable. If not I loved how it turned out.

Here it is...walaaa...!!

Anyways, I have just realised I am going to be super super busy over the next week. Round 3 of the "win a kit"competition has just been announced and its a dooser!!! There are two parts to this round. Part 1 is to create a LO using our own kit and must include 3 PP, no more no less, and we have to choose 7 elements from a list provided ie lace, bling, staples etc etc. and we need to use a B&W photo. I wonder if I can use all elements from the list...hmmm that would be a challenge!....PLUS part 2 is to complete at least 1 of the CC challenges all if possible. So all of this is due in on the 22 November!!!!!!!!!!!

So between CC challenges, "win a kit"challenge and using my November boy kit, I will be head down tail up at my scrap desk!!!!!!!!!! At least I have finished my monthly challenges (which I just realised I haven't shared yet, will do next time). I must go and get some photos and papers organised and get planning! Lots to do!!

On the home front....everyone is well. The boys are just being typical boys are are loving the warmer weather, great for playing outside.

Hope you all have had a good week, stay tuned to see what I can create for Round 3!!!!

Love you all
Melinda xx

Friday, November 6, 2009

Where did that week go!?!

Well its Friday and I have been slack at blogging again this week!! I will try and get better at it..haha..! I will send off this quick post while I am waiting for some paint to dry on a LO I am doing.

Hope your week treated you well. We had Brad home on Monday and Tuesday as he worked 7 days straight so his boss was kind enough to let him have a couple of days off with his family. Loved having him home although I never seem to achieve much when he is :-) oh well....

Its been really hot here this week, so last nights storm and the rain today is very much welcomed. I don't have any new LO's to share this week as I am yet to take photos of them. Weather a bit dodge well share next week.

The boys have been a little sooky this week...whats news!! Finlay is still cutting teeth...never seems to end and I am sure Riley is still cutting the last of his 2yr molars!!!!! He won't let me look in his mouth but usually when he is off his food and when he only wants milk or milo (thats his comfort) he's upset with something.

What's your plans for the weekend? Not much happening here. I have Finlay booked in at Pixi Photos for his 12 month bounty voucher portrait on Saturday and on Sunday night we are going over to some friends place for tea...looking forward to that...someone else's cooking always tastes better hey!

I thought I would share an older LO that I did for the September CC over at Bons. We had to scraplift a LO and I loved the way this one turned out.

Here are a couple of cute photos I took this week of my boys.

Riley enjoying his watermelon during the hot days we have been having.

Last weekend my one of my beautiful sisters came to stay while Brad was away and Finlay had "plopped" himself in the bean bag and Leonie was just talking to him, but Finlay just found whatever she was saying "hilarious" and was having a good ól giggle!!! So cute to hear!!

Well I think my paint has dried and I want to get this LO finished before I have to go and pick they boys up from daycare.

Thank you sooo much girls for all your love and comments that you leave. You make my day :-)

Have a great weekend!

Melinda xx

Monday, November 2, 2009

Its November already!!

WOW!! The beginning of another month! Even tho it means the year is flying by, it also means new monthly challenges and new kits at Bons which I LOVE!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was great, even tho Brad was still away, my younger sister came on Saturday afternoon to stay the night which was lovely and the boys really enjoyed her company as well. Always good to catch up with my beautiful sisters! Brad did end up coming home on Sunday night so we were all excited to see him. So now he has today and tomorrow off work which is fantastic....although he wasn't real impressed with the jobs I had lined up for him....

Well I have been churning out some LO's recently doing another 3 last week which meant I completed all the Oct challenges at Bon's. I had fun doing these so I thought I would share a few.

This one is the Room of the Month challenge (ROTM). I love them as it makes you think more latterly about the room and not only about the colours.

Using up a bit more of Bon's fantastic October Boy Kit. Great value for money.

A sketch challenge.

Look what I have coming in the next few days hopefully. This is a sneak of the November Boy kit. Doesn't it look delish?!!! Can't wait for my pizza box!!

Anyway, I better go and clean up the kitchen and get the boys organised and ready for bed.

Hope everyone has a very enjoyable and scrappy week.

Take care
Melinda xx