Wednesday, December 2, 2009


this is what I am getting in the mail in a few days time. Its another one of Bon's yummy boy kits for December. Pity this month is so busy for me, but I know I will always find time to scrap!!! hahaha!! Anyway, go and get yourself one here, but be quick as they won't last long and are great value for money.

Anyway one of the lovely ladies, Giovanna Scott, at Bon's is hosting a fundraising class tomorrow night. The fee will be $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the equipment needed at Rainer's school in their newly acquired SENSORY ROOM. You can get more information on Gigi's blog HERE. But you will need to be a member of the forum and make the donation to access the classroom.

Thats all for me today, pretty boring I know, but I will have some LO's and photos to share later in the week. Just need to do a bit of editing.

Melinda xx

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  1. HellO Melinda! Just this week, I found out that you have a Blog - and a very good one it is, too!!! Your LO's are GORGEOUS - I love your style! I'm gonna keep popping in for a li'l peek! Take care. Tanya, Pilerwa.