Friday, January 1, 2010


WELCOME 2010!!!!!!

Can't believe we are starting another new year already!! There will be many big changes happening in our family this year, can't share with you just yet!! And its not baby news either, not yet!! haha!! And I am sure there will be many things come along our way that we don't expect either...but all in all our wish for this year is to be happy and healthy.

Well Christmas has come and gone, we spent most of the long weekend sick with colds etc but it was still good to be with family. Christmas day was extra special this year as my grandad was their to share it with us and my cousin and his gorgeous family joined us which included their 3 week old little boy and 3 year old little girl! Boxing day was shopping day!!!! Us girls has so much fun!! plus my other grandparents joined us in the afternoon. Was so good to catch up with them. We have had so much rain here in Brisbane this week that we haven't achieved much outside but certainly did get a lot of jobs done inside, which included a re-vamp of my scrap room!! Brad was so good in putting up shelves for me so I have been busy re-organising my scrap space. Will take a pici once I have finished.

Well the January competitions are up at Bons so I am hoping to have a look at them tonight.

No photos or LO's to share at the moment but just wanted to wish all my readers a very happy and healthy 2010!!

Melinda xx


  1. sounds like a great christmas with your family...
    oooh, you have news ;)

    hope your all better soon
    :) xx

  2. hay babe cant wait to find out what the news is...all the best for 2010...