Monday, January 25, 2010


at BONS's!!!! While Bon is over in WA holidaying at catching up with the WA girls, the DT thought it would be nice to have two weeks of fun and challenges!!! It starts on Thursday 28th January 2010.

There will be chances to gain points through numerous activities during the time Bon is away. So here is the deal.

* Put your post tally at the start of the comp - you will receive 5 points for every 100 posts you make.

* Every Bon's Challenge layout you create during Game On will receive 5 points.

* You will receive 1 point for participation when joining in on games, challenges etc, winners will receive 5 points.

There will be scrap 'n' chat nights, bingo, blog-hopping, photography and random challenges.

For more information and to register click HERE now!!!

Just a few LO's to share. These two are from the CC over at Bon's. I had heaps of fun with these.

The first one was Flis's scraplift challenge. Extra criteria was large alpha and triangles.

The second one was a sketch challenged provided to us by Sandie Mallon. Awesome sketch and the extra criteria was heaps of fun to do. Three different coloured paints, stamping with lids, sewing and pins.

The photography challenge is still running over there this week. Last week we had to come up with something yellow but still summery. Here was mine. Isn't my baby just too cute!! :-)

Today we have to photography something WET!! I have an idea so stay tuned.
Well I better get back to the scrap desk. It is in great need of a good clean. Hope you all have a great Australia Day tomorrow.
Melinda xx


  1. Lovely LO's Melinda - don't the kids look so cute in the cousins one!!! Oh and those sunnies!!! And those curls!! So sweet ;-)

  2. Love that photo with the sunnies. the layouts are just smashing!!

  3. WOW WOW WOW stunning. Sub em :)
    CUTE children too :)

  4. wowser Melinda, gorgeous LO's and how cute is that photo - love it :)

  5. Great layouts Min and love the glasses too cute.Take care Kerry xx

  6. Such gorgeous layouts and amazing photos.... so cute!!!

    You are next on the blog-train and the next word is....


    next stop is???

    Love Charmane

  7. How cute is that photo of Riley sucking the water up off your pavers!!!!!! LOL, cute LO's had a great time having a look through your blog :)

  8. Great blog - those LO's for game on are fab!

  9. Love visiting your blog Min & checking out your gorgeous work - TOOT TOOT!! LOL

  10. Gorgeous LOs and photos Min and a beautiful blog you have here!

  11. Just stopping by on my train journey this morning. Love your blog.

  12. love those yellow sunnies, what a cutie

  13. love your pics, and your layouts are great!!

    i'm sure i've said it before too, but love your blog background.. it's VERY cute :)

  14. Min, I just love your work! i never get bored looking at it!
    and LOL at the photo of Riley slurping the gross but yes boys will be boys!

  15. Smashing updates Min! Thanks for sharing ♥

  16. Great Layouts and photos Min ;)

  17. Loving these LO's Min.

    Sent some happy mail your way today too