Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Month!

Hello everyone,

Yep, pinch and a punch today....can't believe its March already!! I love the beginning of a new month it brings around another lot of challenges and fresh inspiration!! But most of all its RILEY'S birthday month!!! He will be 3 tomorrow!!! My little boy is growing up so fast!

Well to end off the month of Feb I actually managed to finish off the last two challenges at Bon's.

For the sketch challenge, extra criteria was to use clouds, hearts (cause it was heart month) and to stamp with paint. I have this awesome mouse mat that looks like a big water splat, so much to Brad's disgust, I snuck it away and covered it in paint to get my big fat water splat!! I really loved how it came up!! Watch out for more paint from me this month cause its extra criteria on the sketch challenge for March at Bon's.

This was my second attempt at the Write Now challenge at Bons. My first attempt was a-okay but not 100% happy with it so seeing as tho I had the time and inclination I gave it another shot....and no, you don't get to see my 1st attempt!!! hehehe!!

We had to take inspiration from this quote "A hundred hearts would be too few for all my love I have for you" (author unknown). Such a heartfelt quote I decided to use the whole quote in my LO. I then wrote about how motherhood isn't just black and white, there is lots of grey in there but thru it all I love my boys to bits and wouldn't change a thing.!! It felt so great to write these feelings down.

Well its raining here today and looks like it is predicted all week so I will have to think of extra things to entertain the they are real outside boys they get quite bored or should I say into mischief for long periods inside!!! I am off to make cupcakes once the boys wake up. Riley wants to help decorate...hmmmm that will be interesting ! :-)
Thank you everyone who pops by and leaves a comment. Really brightens up my day :-)
Have a great week!
Melinda xo


  1. Love the splat idea!! Very creative! Lovin your work lately!

  2. great layouts Min.And a very happy birthday to your little Man .Dont they just grow up to quickly.Take care Kerry xx

  3. Happy birthday Riley! Amazing to see how they change so much. Great layouts, love how you've dont the 'splash' - very clever.

  4. oh that light house is so adorable (it reminds me of home,which I had to move far from)very fun layouts!