Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Year Ago Today

....well what was I doing???

I had just made a huge decision to go back to work and put the boys in daycare every Friday. It wasn't an easy decision as Finlay was only 5 months old. Before Riley was born I was a PA to a big corporation here in Brisbane and I was on maternity leave for 12 months. When Riley was 10 months old I made the decision to not go back to that firm but I had been asked by Brad's uncle, who owns an electrical company, to help him out with his bookwork. I accepted as it was only one day a week and I was able to take Riley into work with me up until I had Finlay. I took a break from this, not really knowing whether I would return or not, but I was approached again by Brad's uncle when Finlay was 5 months, Riley had just turned 2, to see if I would be interested in coming back. I hummed and arhhed for a while, not really knowing what to do because my heart really wanted to be at home for my boys but having a day out of the house and doing something productive and not thinking about baby stuff was really appealing as well as I really wanted to keep up my administrative skills!! So I left the decision up to one little factor. One of Brad's relations runs a home daycare from her house, in which she is only allowed to look after 4 children at a time. I rang her to see her availability and she happened to have 2 spots available on a Friday. I stilled hummed and arrhed but knew if I was going to do this, that she would be the best person to look after my babies especially Finlay. And from that day, the boys have not missed me once and they still look forward to going there every Friday. So this time last year, I was doing a bit of nail biting, trying to get stuff organised for the next day (friday) and still wondering if I was doing the right thing....I think all mothers go thru this stage at some point hey!

Scrapping wise, I had two babies under two, so once Finlay was born scrapping was out of the picture for me for a while, but this time last year I finally dragged out my scrapping supplies and had started to scrap some of Finlay's first photos when he was born. I probably scrapped 1 LO every 2 weeks and never really heard of online challenges and forums, let alone BLOGS!! hahaha!!!


I don't work at the moment, but the boys still go to daycare and LOVE it!! I spend my Fridays catching up with housework and definitely some scrapping time in there.

I have joined an online forum called Bons, in which I love to hang out there everyday, being inspired all the time. If I am not scrapping everyday I am thinking about what next to scrap and always have my camera charged and ready to take photos.

Its funny how much can happen and how many changes are in ONE YEAR!! And there was probably oodles more to add but won't bore you!! haha!!

What did you do this time last year??

Here are some a couple of LO's I did this time last year. Do you think I have changed!!??

Thanks for the challenge Flis :-)

Melinda xo :-)


  1. Wow Melinda you certainly had a lot on your plate 12 months ago!! Good to see you now have a day free for yourself :) And your scrapping style, I would say has definitely changed!!

  2. Yep, your style has definitely changed. I think everyone's does :)

    You sure had some big decisions a year ago - sounds like you made the right ones!

  3. yes, big decisions back then. Yippeee to Fridays being your day, totally deserved because your a wonder woman.
    yes your style has changed and gone forward :) xxx

  4. sounds like lots of decision making for you this time last year, and as much as our styles may change over time isn't it fun to look back at them?