Thursday, April 15, 2010


I married my best friend!! Its hard to believe that 10 years has gone by so quickly but I love you still just as much as the day I married you. Thank you for the best gift of two precious boys!

Man haven't we changed!! We look so young there...and of course this is a photo of a such thing as digital photos back I was to lazy to scan it!

Scrapping are a few creations I have done the week. Here is Sandie's sketch. And here is my take. Extra criteria was paint, buttons, circles, stars, sewing and cut your photo into 3. Loved it! My take on the Room of the Month. I took inspiration from the gorgeous amount of yellowy sunlight coming thru the window.

I have just about completed the Paper of the Month...loved it so will be back soon with that one.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Min xo


  1. its so great to see your scrapping!!! and happy anniversary Brad and Min... I am sure you will spoil each other rotten today and you know how much I love your boys :) xx

  2. Loving your layouts, Min! Gorgeous!!! Happy anniversary! I'll be up to 13 years this May! lol! Goes fast hey!???! :O

  3. I was just thinking that you haven't changed much at all! Love that you're home LO! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary Min!!!How time flies hey! Your layouts are gorgeous too!!!
    Take care, Laura

  5. WOW Min!!! those layouts are just fan-bloody-tastic!!!

    Congrats on TEN years.... and how sweet are your words!!! sounds like you were made for each other!!!

    xoxo Charmane

  6. Happy Anniversary Brad and Melinda. Now I know what we were doing ten years ago today!!!! Time sure flies. I enjoy following your blog and love your creations. Glenda

  7. Happy Anniversary Min :) We were celebrating Hayley and Raymonds wedding and it was a glorious day!!
    Love your layouts they are just gorgeous!!

  8. I really really really (LOL) love that first LO!!!!! Is it the spots? The paint? The star? The photo??? I can't decide, but what ever it is, it works!!! ;-). I am POSITIVE you will win that challenge!!!