Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't you love it....

when the kids behave and are happy to have their photo taken. Here are a few photos I took yesterday....just felt like having a little play with the camera.

Look how messy Riley's hair is!!! So cute!!
And these are just so adorable of Finlay...well I think so!!

Here are Wednesday's and Thursday's photos taken as part of the photography challenge all happening this week over at Bons.
Wednesdays Prompt....
My photo.....

Thursdays prompt.....
My photo....

So I am feeling all inspired to scrap now! Best get off here and do something!! hahaha!!

Have a great long weekend! Hope its a scrappy one!

Min xo


  1. you are sure mastering that camera!!! they are STUNNING photos and are boys are so gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely lovely photos Melinda! That 2nd one of Finlay is so cute ... can't wait to see it on a page ;-) ...

  3. WOW Sheez you have mastered the camera alright!! The third photo of your little man is gorgeous - not even sure how you did that!! Bloody awesome - now come and show me how to use mine!!

  4. Yes those moments when they actually smile for the camera, they are just gold! Such adorable photos too Min. :)

  5. Wow, stunning pics Min!!!
    Your little boys are just so adorable & so cute...and you're taking fabulous piccies with your new camera - makes me want to get a new one NOW! lol