Monday, April 12, 2010

Holiday Shares

WE'RE BAAAACK!!!!! Finally made it home after a fantastic week in Emerald with my sister..Boy its such a long drive up and back...We spent a total of 26hrs (including a few stops) up and back in the car!!!!! Both boys took it really well and when we stopped for meal times they had a good run and play around the the park. I think that helped tire them out too. It was so good to see my big sis again and my little nephew. The boys got on so well. Riley and Brandon had heaps of fun together, playing with Brandon's little puppy, catching insects (ewww!) and reading books.

Here are a few holiday photos...

The three munchkins!

Eating a candy Easter egg!! Didn't know they still made those. Fiona picked them up from somewhere!

Gorgeous Brandon and his little mate Midgee.

Red claw caught from one day out at the dam. The big boys went out a couple of times and caught a lot more. The little boys just thought it was Christmas!!

Having fun at the local pool!

Lots of bubbles!

Its COLD!!!!

Not the best photo of the two of us...I think Flis has a better one... but I think we saw each other everyday except Wednesday!! Thanks so much for everything Flis, dinner, photos of the boys, endless chats and laughs, just everything!! Her work is amazing, even better IRL...if you haven't checked her blog out, you better!

Highlight of the trip home. We stopped of at my brother-in-laws work. He is a diesel mechanic for big trucks. Needless to say Riley and Finlay loved the big noisy truck. Uncle Phil even took Riley for a little ride. Brad said he had a grin from ear to ear! So cute!

Hope you all had a lovely break over Easter. I am keen to get into some scrapping now, so hope to find some time this week.

Min xo


  1. Looks like fun times, Melinda!? It's always worth makin' the effort, isn't it? Now back to real life, erk! I'm sad that the School Hols are over.


  2. WOW great photos :) :) and love your editing.. your rocking it :)
    It was the best time being with you too.. come again.. wink wink...
    Your boys are the most adorbale ever, and so well behaved, you should be a very proud mummy

  3. Wow - great pics! And what are those crabby things - red claws? Did you guys eat them? They look yum!!! :P

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time. Love the pics, take care, Deb x

  5. Great pics Melinda, sounds like you had a lovely time.

    Head on over to my spot if you want - I have a little something for you :-)

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome time, Min :)
    Love all your piccies....and how lucky are you that you got to see Flis almost every day!

  7. Looks like you had a great time Min :)
    Love the photos of your boys, they look so happy and they are so cute!!!