Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well hello everyone, its been a while since I have blogged but I have a very good reason for it! I am in the midst of MOVING!!!!! Yep, Brad accepted a position with an electrical firm in Emerald last week, for a position in a mine just north of Emerald, although we will be living in the township itself. We are so excited about this opportunity and I am so looking forward to spending lots of time with my sister and nephew, I know the boys will love seeing Brandon heaps, not too mention being just around the corner from my very good friend Felicity Wilson. Flis....looking forward to many great times together!! So there is now lots to do and think about. Brad is off to Emerald very soon and the boys and I will follow up shortly after. So at the moment Brad is on holidays, hence my lack in blogging as we are trying to organise and get a fair amount of stuff done before he leaves. But I have managed to scrap a little over the last couple of weeks.

I will share a couple with you today.

Bons ROTM was just gorgeous this month.
Take a look.

My take on this room. I took lots of inspiration from colours and patterns in the room and I used a busy pattern paper as a background as I found the room to me quite "busy"...does that make sense??!! Not very often do I use pattern paper as a background but I quite like this one. This is of Finlay when he was alot younger (around the age where everything goes in the mouth!!! hehehe)....he use to sit in the sandpit and just stuff sand in his mouth!!! eeewww!!!

A just 'because' layout. I have been sorting through my scrap stuff and have had a huge clean out and found this gorgeous photo. So I just sat down and HAD to scrap it! Again I have used PP as a background...hmmmm I think I am liking this look!!!

Thanks for looking and thanks for your lovely comments.

Hope you are having a great week...I have two sick boys at the moment. Finlay has bronchitis and Riley now has a middle ear infection!!!! So both of them are on antibiotics but in saying that, it hasn't stopped them from being their mischievous selves!!!

Will keep you posted on my move.

Min xo

oooh I must add, that Emerald for anyone who doesn't know where I am talking, about is about 10hrs north west of Brisbane, Queensland. Central Queensland basically!!!


  1. Wow! Busy time for you! Well done on fitting in a bit of scrapping! :-)
    Both these LO's are gorgeous as always!

    All the best for the big move...


  2. hi hun :D All the best on the upcoming move...sounds like its going to b a very fun and exciting time for you. The layouts are just gorgeous...good on you for fitting it in!! xxx

  3. Wow, Melinda: Big News indeed!!! I'm so happy for you: you will most likely LOVE living in Emerald: no lack of good company for you and your li'l boys, that's for sure!!!
    Hope you have a, girl!

    Love TANYA.

    PS. The PP background really appeals to me!!! PP equals Pack a Punch, teehee!!!

  4. exciting for you, Min!
    It sounds like it will be a great move - closer to your sister & Flis :)

    Good luck with it all - hope everything goes smoothly for you!

    Gorgeous LO's, as always!

  5. Exciting times for you Min! All the best for the move!
    Your layouts are beautiful. I love the "Kiss Anyone?" page - too cute.
    Take care. :)

  6. Gorgeous photos from the weekend Melinda and I just love the latest LO's you have done!