Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Photos

Just a few photos from the weekend...our days here in this backyard are getting numbered so I have been making sure I take lots of photos while I can.

1. Riley and Finlay on the swing.

2. Just can't get the hang of peddles yet...!!

3. The 'determined' look...I WILL get there!!
4. Gotta love little boy jeans!

5. Wheeeee

Plus lots lots more, but you will just have to wait to see them scrapped!

Well I had an amazing afternoon yesterday at the Brisbane Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo!! I meet so many wonderful, inspiring, talented ladies. I met up with a couple of Bon's girls, Giovanna (Gigi) Scott & Crystal Bowman. We hung around Louise Nelson who was Guest Designer at Bon's last month, check out her blog, she is full of talent! I met this month's Guest Designer at Bon's, Lynette Van Barrelo who was also one of last years Masters, Kat Glossop, Renee Dowling, Tatum Woodroffe and her sister Lauren and the two girls from SBM, Kristy Evans and Sherry Mendozza. Plus I got myself a few goodies!!! Feeling very inspired to scrap, so hoping to do some today.

Oh and I did scrap over the weekend, so I might get these up today too.

Have a wonderful day!

Min xo


  1. Oh Min, those pics are gorgeous!!! I LOVE little denim bums.... :D lol

  2. Fabulous pics, Min! & yep, those little denim jeans are just adorable <3