Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a couple...

to share. I haven't been sleeping well at night, can never get to sleep until after midnight, I think my mind is thinking of everything I need to do (sigh), so I have been spending my nights scrapping!! What else hey! hehe!!

So I have completed another couple of challenges.

July 123 Challenge was:

Dominant Colour: RED
Technique: GRUNGE

I spent ages on this one...not cause I didn't know what I wanted to do but it just took a long time to dry in between coats. Lots of gesso, paint, mist and baby wipes used here! Loved it and loved how it came out.

Well this one isn't really a challenge, its using the Paper of the Month at Bons. The yummy October Afternoon - great find. Just perfect for my little boys...have another one in my stash to use with a picture of Finlay.

I have the house 1/2 packed up. The breakables etc are being packed by the removalist so that is a big help. Well best get going and get some more done.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Happy hump day!

Min xo


  1. May i please have some of your creative juices. hahaha. there STUNNING..
    love all the gesso you have used. :) x

  2. Time well spent!! Love all that red!

  3. Your Lo for 123 ROCKS Min! I adore grunge and you have totoally nailed it here. Love the subject you have chosen too, that pic is waaaay cute! X