Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Month.....

till I month till we are a family again. Oh how we are missing Brad!! But we are all getting on fine. Riley is having a little holiday with my dad and mum while his cousin is down on school holidays, so its just me and Finlay at home....and we are busy packing and sorting and just chilling!
On Monday this was the way the boys were helping me pack!

Until someone got hurt....then the fun was over!! hehehe!!!

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to these two very special and beautiful sisters of mine!!! Have a fantastic day, thinking of you heaps and love you lots. We are all catching up next week, Fiona is flying down to pick up Brandon. Anita, Leonie and Sonia as well as Mum are coming to Brisbane for the day, so we planning on having a very girly day....can't wait!!! (yes I have four sisters!!!!!)

Do you know who is older by 12 minutes????!!

Its not the first one...tricked ya!!

Have a great day!

Min xo


  1. cant wait till you move here, hope the month goes quick :)
    Happy birthday Fiona :) x

  2. Hope all the packing goes to plan. Hope the month doesn't drag for you. Happy Birthday Anita and Fiona. Enjoy your girly day. It is so special catching up with sisters.

  3. Great piccies, Min :)
    Gosh, only 1 month to go! I hope everything goes smoothly for you - happy packing :)

  4. Great pics of the boys Melinda! Thinking of you all xx