Friday, July 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

is always hard. I have been busy lately catching up with alot of girlfriends and family to say goodbye, not knowing when the next time I will get to see them and its always hard, but today the boys and I felt it hard to say goodbye to this lovely lady. She has been looking after my boys each Friday for the last 16months! Finlay was only 5 months old when I first took them to her and she has done more for me and my boys that words can express. I am so ever thankful for her care, her guidance, her love for my boys, teaching them and showing them just the simplest things in life. I think she found it just as hard to say goodbye to them as well.

I had one of these cute Kaiser handbag things in my stash and as I cleaning up and sorting out, Riley and I decided that we would make it up for her. Riley helped me paint it and added some bling and stuff to it. Since this photo I added a stamp to the front. The lovely Ali Edwards one that says "you make my day so much brighter. Thank You" I am not an expert on OTP stuff so I left it pretty simple.

Well I best get off to bed. Only a few more hours till we go and pick Brad up from the airport! So excited!

Min xo

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  1. goodbyes are hard, but for me, its never goodbye its see you later :) becaue you will,you just dont now when.
    That handbag was GREAT!! and that card... yummo