Monday, August 16, 2010


from the bush!!! lol!!
Just a quick one letting you all know that I am still around, trying to get everything unpacked and working on getting back into our family routine!
I have been scrapping have a few things to share but not today. Just procrastinating, do you ever do that...?? so I better get off here and get them finished!
Have a great week!
Min xo


  1. Hello!!!!! Great to 'see' you back online :-) and you are AmaZinG scrapping already!!! YAY Can't wait to see :-) :-) :-). Hope all is going well xx

  2. Of course your Scrapping Desk would be the first thing that you would unpack and set up !!? I understand. It does more for your sanity than shoving a few saucepans into your kitchen cupboards, hey ??! (smile!)

    _ Tanya.

  3. Hope things are going well. Can't wait to see what you have done Min! :)

  4. So nice to hear you settling in already. Looking forward to you getting back into the scrapping thing. Have missed your creativity.