Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrap the Boys

challenge for the 1st August was to scrap with a flower or if we couldn't do that scrap about the feminine side of our boy. I chose to do both. Flowers are never hard to scrap with.

Riley is a real boy always on the go, never stops and loves being outside and making a mess with everything. BUT he has the sweetest side to him. He is always looking for cuddles, always ready for kisses and just loves his little brother to pieces. Loves him so much that he is scared that one day Finlay is going to go down the plug hole in the bath tub when the water gets emptied!!! lol!!! He gets most upset when the water is emptied and not everything is out of the bath tub including his brother!!!

Still trying to find my way back into scrapping since moving...I think I like this one.!

Min xo


  1. Oh this is just the sweetest LO!!! Love the star paper, the cardboard and the little traffic light tucked away in there :-)

  2. another AWESOME page!!
    Riley is the sweetest.. "going down the plug".. so cute and caring :)

  3. Min that layout is adorable and funny too.I teased Mikayla abot this once and she freeks when we let the water out the bath lol.Take care Kerry xx
    Good to see you settled in too.

  4. Awwww! That sure is the sweetest photo and the layout is stunning too! :)

  5. LUUUUUV that LO Min!! IT's amazing and aren't those flowers so beautiful....what a thoughtful workplace! hope they continue to look after you!

  6. yeah ... i like this one too min... :))... very sweet, but the colours and cardboard make it still very boy as well ... love it! x

  7. Great colour combination - love the idea of the clip and cardboard