Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Home!!!!!

Hello to you all :)

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hard to believe that its 2011 already!! Wishing you & your families all a very happy and healthy year.

Well since I last blogged, so much as happened! Where do I even begin to tell you what the last 2 weeks have been like for us!!

Thank you to all you gorgeous girls out there that have left messages on my blog, emailed, text etc to see how we have been fairing in the recent floods. Its always nice to know that others care.

So without writing a novel, lets just say I am VERY happy to be home....

Since we left home, we have been stranded waiting for floodwaters to drop, to get from one town to the next, we cut our Christmas holiday short with family just so we could get out and start heading north before the water levels rose too high.  Water was lapping the road edges, roads were being shut behind us as we proceeded to head north in the pouring rain. Only to reach Rockhampton (3 hours east of our town of Emerald) to hear of the major flooding that would occur in our town.  HEARTBREAKING, DEVASTATING, STRESSFUL, HELPLESS are only some of the words to describe how were feeling along with the LONGING of wanting to be at home, knowing that there was no way we could get home anytime soon. 

STUCK.....all roads home were closed!

BUT....we were one of the handful of people in this community that lives in the area that was left high and dry.  SO VERY THANKFUL.

So we knew that it would more more than an overnight stay till we could get home, so overnight motels were out of the question with two energetic boys!  So we stayed here....

Capricorn Resort at Yepoon....totally worth it! Sorry dodge photo, pulled it off the internet!

More holiday photos to come!!! We managed to do heaps of swimming, relaxing, shopping, walks along the beach and catch up with some friends.

Driving into our town the other day, we were SHOCKED at the condition of our town, just about every house has piles of furniture and other household goods stacked out on the footpath, waiting for it to be taken away.  The town is dirty....mud and debris everywhere...something we have never seen before. My heart goes out to these people as I don't know how I would go if I lost everything...

Anyway, I have oodles to do, lots of household chores need doing after being away.  Brad will be super busy at work now.  Being a sparky, his phone will be running hot!  Mines are still shut because of all the rain so he will be working in town for a while getting our community up and running again.

I have lots to catch up on here in the scrapping world, so bear with me...I will be around to visit you all in the next few days! Hopefully I may do some scrapping soon too!

Till then....


  1. So glad to hear you made it home and you have come out of this horrible situation unscathed. Happy New Year to you and your family too. :)

  2. So glad to hear that you're home safe & well, Min....and that your home wasn't effected by the floods. Sounds like you had an eventful holiday....hope there was lots of fun in the mix of things! Happy new year to you & your family....cheers!

  3. Hey min! So glad to hear from you ... and that you haven't suffered the same devastation as so many in Emerald! I'm sure you'll still suffer from some of the flow on effects tho. dh has already returned home for work, while we are still in Brissy... but the supermarket is all but empty! nothing due til friday! good luck in the aftermath... and Happy New Year! xx

  4. Hi Min... so glad to hear your home was spared by the flooding!! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Happy New Year... hugs

  5. Hi Min - glad to hear your home wasn't damaged by the flooding. Dodgy pic or not - what an awesome place to holiday! Take care and happy new year! :D

  6. Hi Melinda, so glad to see you are home and safe :-) your holiday place looks lovely :-) so great to catch up with you... hugs to all xx

  7. so glad to hear you are safe, and left with no damage, glad you could still make good out of a bad situation :-)

  8. So glad to hear that you escaped the damage of the floodwaters.....feel so sorry for those who didn't. Happy New Year.

  9. ya your home :))))
    hope we are soon.

  10. so glad you're home safe and that you escaped the worst of it. Must be heartbreaking for those who were affected. Angela used to work at Capricorn a long time ago - looks like a fab place to holiday. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Take care, Deb xx

  11. Glad to hear that you've made it home and you're all safe and sound, and that your house was spared the floodwaters, and super sorry for all those that have lost everything. Take care and all the best for a great new year.

  12. So glad that you & your famliy are home & Safe!!! by the looks of the photo, Maybe a bit of a nice Holiday..
    Thanx for all your blog love! I do enjoy reading it!!

  13. great to hear Min, you must live around the same area as friends of ours, they had no water at all either, so very very lucky

    But how did you get home???? what with all the roads being cut