Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Red, Blue, White & Grey

Hello everyone,

How has the start of your week been?  Mine has been busy more so this week than any other week.  DH is away all week and so far I have had to deal with a lizard in the house (not just those little ones a BIG one) and then we have been trying to catch a mouse since Friday night, finally got it last night...so I had to dispose of that only to open my door this morning and find out a dog had been into our wheelie bin over night and I had rubbish all over my front lawn!!!! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!! We have had this happen before and we know where the dog lives but there isn't much you can do unless you catch the dog in the act.  So in the mean time we put the wheelie bin behind the front gate and only ever put it out first thing in the morning on the day of collection.  Trouble is the rubbish truck comes between 6.30am and 7.00am.  Normally DH puts it out on his way to work but with him being away, I thought I would put it out the night before just in case things went pear shaped in the morning or we all had a sleep in!!  Well won't be doing that again.  So Riley and I went out and picked up all the rubbish, complained to the council about the dog and I got the rubbish truck to come back and collect our rubbish!!!

Why does all this have to happen when hubby is away!?? Sorry just had to vent & record this moment!!! We are going okay now, all has been sorted....phew...

Well I yesterday I had a go at the Colour Combos Galore #180.

I took a different approach to using "banners" on my layout.  I used bakers twine and a peg to hold my photo and doily etc  up.  Like as if you are pegging something up on a string.  Really liked how this came out.  Those grey things are old slide casings that I received in a gorgeous pack from my Aunty.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I have been having a huge clean out today.  My scrap desk is getting a major overhaul.  Kindy wants cardboard, scrap paper and stuff for their craft section so I have got piles to give to them!  So I best keep going.  Riley will soon be ready to pick up from Kindy.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting and any gorgeous comments you may leave :)


  1. you are just tooo clever and creative.. that peg idea is SUPER DUPA!!
    o. boi.. what a morning and yes ALWAYS happens with hubby is away.. never a dull moment uh!!
    Kindy will love you too with all your goodies :))

  2. WOW Min this is gorgeous.. love the idea with the twine and peg and your paint splatters are fabulous!! Know what you mean about things happening when your hubby is away. My DH is away quite a bit with work and when we have a major drama at home it always seems to be when hubby is away!! :) hugs

  3. Oh this is gorgeous, Min!!! I love it to bits! You have such a lovely style! Spewing about the bin and we've had some troubles with neighbours' dogs but goodness me, you don't want to say anything even remotely negative about their dog (in our case) otherwise you'll get daggers forever lol. :D
    Silly stuff, hey.
    Have a great day!!!

  4. Wow, Min! That layout is just amazing. Hope your day got better! Funny how those things always happen when hubby's away. Thanks for the lovely comments over at my blog. Take care, Deb xx

  5. I was waiting for you to post this so I could go on and on about it.
    I JUST LOVE THIS. The misting around the pic is just gorgeous as is that paper. Love your idea of the twine for a banner and the peg and the doily and the butterfly and everything.
    I agree too, I love minimalist at the moment but I just cant help myself and have to add more and more. But when I see something like this, oh, it is just divine.

  6. What a Gorgeous Layout!! Geeeee I love your Style... Can I have some! LOL! I try minimal, & Nope just gotta keep on adding.... Anyway back to this Gorgeous Layout... What a FAB idea with the twine & peg.... Love the Splashes of Paint!
    Have a Lovely Afternoon

  7. That is such a great idea! Love how it has turned out - you are too clever! xx

  8. Really stunning Min just love your style is so good for boy pages.I really have trouble withthem you do them easy take care Kerry xx

  9. WOW! Stunning! I love the empty space. it is so effective. Sorry to hear about your troubles..doesnt it feel some days that you just cnt catch a break? HAng in there..we all go through this stuff ..:o)

  10. Lovin' that layout, Melinda!


  11. Oh, you poor thing, you sound like my sister! Her hubby has been doing extra work and is hardly ever home at the moment and tonight she had to kill a brown snake in her house! Good to see your mojo isn't away with hubby though, LOVE this LO! Great use of the colours, especially love the bakers twine and the little peg. Sooooo lovin' your work atm - keep it up!!! XXX

  12. Awesome awesome page!!! Just luv it!

  13. Your layout looks fabulous Min! I love the peg and twine and the misting looks awesome!
    Hope the rest of your week is less eventful.

  14. this is sooo stunning min... i ADORE it! poo about the yukky stuff happening while you are on your own... i can totally relate! :)) x

  15. Hi Melinda, sorry I haven't visited here for what feels like ages!! This is a gorgeous page, I adore the doily! Love the Stuck?! page in the post above too and so cute about Riley getting a dog ... hehe