Thursday, April 14, 2011

Purple Pumpkin

Hello to you all :))

Well I am just going to pop this up quickly as I am suffering severely from the flu, can't think straight to save myself!!!!! I have had the whole works...fevers for days, body aches, dripping nose and constant sneezing...ahhhh the joys of change in seasons!! I long to curl up in bed and sleep sleep sleep...bit hard to when you have two little characters to look after! DH is off work tomorrow for the next 4 days so I am looking forward to his help and hopefully recover!

Anyway...I not here to get sympathies but rather to show you something I created using a super cute Purple Pumpkin XL button that I received in my DT pack.  I have showcased this layout on the PP blog today, would love you to go an check it exciting!!!  You can check it out HERE.

Here is the layout:

That Moment....yep no photo...

How adorable is this little panda bear button...I LOVE IT!

Journalling..not sure if you can read it but I am glad I finally got this down.  I had written a whole heap more but to have it fitting on one page, I had to cull it back.  I am really happy with how this turned out tho.

Be around to visit you all when I can stand to look at a computer for more than 5 mins!
Thanks for visiting and as always I really appreciate any comments left :))


  1. Hope you feel better Min. I did comment on Purple Pumpkin but I will tell you again, I just LOVE this LO.

  2. oh ...tears in my eyes. Only a parent can undrestand that experience.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Awesome layout without a pic. Fantastic.

  3. yep you know how much i just LOOOOOVE that page.
    Take it easy as you can and remember ring me if you need me :)) x

  4. Gosh I have the shivers reading this, beautifully written, and the layouts simplicity adds to the heartfeltness of it all, get well soon

  5. Ohhh Gee Wiz!! Melinda this is done beautifully Well Done... Hope you get better real soon...
    *hugs* but no kisses.... LOL

  6. Wow! This layout has 'awesome' written all over it Min!Ii love the design and the journalling. Really really stunning. Hope you feel better soon. xx

  7. Stunning page and so beautifully journaled Min.. hope you feel better soon chickie.. big hugs :)

  8. Sorry to hear you are so unwell! How are you feeling today?? Hopefully better!!!???
    Great page - not a moment you would forget in a hurry hey. The journaling on the tape looks great!

  9. OMG min... what a terrible fright!! don't they just worry the stuffing out of you sometimes?? This is an absolutely beautiful lo hon... hope you are looking after you... x

  10. OMGoodness....what a scary horrible thing you all went through :-(
    You have scrapped this beautifully, Min...I love that it has no photo & you have told the story so well! I hope you are feeling better now & are over the nasty flu :-) Take care xx

  11. WOW Min this is beautifully done! I've had the rush to hospital thing myself (very scary) but glad your little one was ok! Love the button very cute! Hope you are feeling better now too!! xx

  12. Hi Melinda,
    i had the same thing happen not too long ago so can totally relate to you.. must be peas in a pod, i also have two small ones (18 mths and 8 weeks) and have been sick but with gastro.
    Not fun.. hope you feel better over easter and take care
    Becky xx

  13. wholly damn.... there is nothing scarier than chasing the kids around when they have things in their mouths, I'm always dreading that moment that it disappears, thankfully never happened.

    I would have thumped away too, so glad it was a good outcome though.