Friday, August 12, 2011

Its been 12 months....

this week since we moved towns!!!! Where has the time gone??!!  I have been a little emotional this week thinking about the process that took place just before we moved from Brisbane to Emerald in Central Queensland...looking back on photos of our house, seeing photos of the boys that I took 12 months ago...and how much they have changed.  How the moved changed me and our lives...things are so different thing that I have had to get use to is ONLINE SHOPPING!!! And it frustrates me that some places still don't offer online shopping...oh well just another excuse to escape and head for the 'little smoke'!! But seriously...its been a struggle to adjust....I have only ever lived in cities before so for me this was a HUGE change. I am super glad for my sister who lives in the same town and for some really lovely close friends. And of course I am forever glad for my hobby and all you lovely ladies that help me through each day...thank you :)))

So to honour....yep getting a little sentimental here....for this week COLOUR COMBO'S GALORE colour palette #204 I created this layout using a photo of our home in Brisbane.  It will forever hold special memories to me...this is the house I brought my babies home from hospital.....

Colour Palette and Designer Challenge - use a grid...With a grid design, you can fill with photos, embellishments, journaling, whatever else you can think of! So, have fun this week! How scarey are these colours...I thought so until I had a play around. soon as I saw the challenge I knew instantly what I was going to create....a grid on my photo using my Twiddlybitz window frame...just like looking out of a window :)))

A Purple Pumpkin floral button along with a My Little Bit of Whimsy ladybird!

Flowers are mainly Prima but those gorgeous blue ones and that big one in the centre are from the new Australian flower company....Manorhouse Creations.  Aren't they stunning!!!

I just loved how this layout turned out....hope you can join in again this week.

On a happier note....I am moving house again this time its just a couple of blocks away.  Looking forward to creating new memories in own new home :))

Thanks for visiting and for every wonderful comment left. 
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend :))


  1. MAN O MAN MIN!!! Or should it be WOMAN OH WOMAN.... LOL
    If only we live closer You would be a Absolutely Amazing Scrapper to be around!! I would JUST L.O.V.E to see your Creations in real life....
    I feel like i'm a bit repetitive here BUT OMGOODNESS you are Such Inspiration My GIRL!!!! LOVE LOVE everything about this Layout......
    I have seen people Say on blogs before..
    WHEN I GROW UP i would like to scrap like this person!!!!
    WELL when I grow Up I would LOVE to Scrap just like you..... xx

  2. Simply Stunning Min. You really know how to work your florals :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous min!! i just LOVE that lil chippy window frame! beautiful layout, beautiful story.. i look forward to the CCG reveal every week and quickly scroll down to see what you have done with it. Impressive as always sweets! :) good luck with your move.. xx

  4. gorgeous Min! Love the window frame. Can't believe it's 12 months! Good luck with your new move. Take care xx

  5. has it been 12 months ALREADY! time sure goes quick - its been an AWESOME 12 months having you in the same town, very special. Totally LOVE that page.. lots of texture there.
    hope the move goes well and smoothly.
    enjoy your weekend moving into your NEW house you can call home!!! xxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh my! Mel, this is SO breathtakingly beautiful!! I never seen something like this, you are definitely talented!! Well I understand what you are going through but I hope time will help you adjust well in a new place. Make it not merely your new house, but your new cozy home :) Good luck and enjoy your weekend!! :D

  7. Goodness this is just spectacular Min, its 3 years tomorrow since we took the big step of moving from Sydney to Brisbane...and we havent looked back, what an amazing memory to have..

  8. Wow, this is just stunning:) So in love with that little window frame!!! I bet it is a huge adjustment for you living in "the country"......but for me I don't think I could ever live in a big city....too much traffic for!!!! YAY for the new home, how exciting! Happy moving in xo

  9. A stunning page Melinda, just stunning!!! I love the window frame - and all the flowers and embellies are just perfect :-) Those colours would scare me too!!! LOL (but we know that's not hard to do LOL) Good luck with your move and catch up soon xxx

  10. Yep, it is a big move and time does go so so quickly. Just love that frame and the loads of flowers are gorgeous. And you always manage to slip in a PP button like they were always meant to be there. Gorgeous page.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Melinda, that window is super sweet and your embellies are gorgeous. Haven't yet got my hands on some of those new flowers but will be soon:)

  12. OH MY!! This is so, so gorgeous Min! Your work is so inspiring... absolutely love it :-)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too & I hope the move goes smoothly xx

  13. OMG!! This is just STUNNING and AMAZING!!! Im loving it all!!! love how you did that grid in the photo!!!!WOW i agree every bit of what Rachael said!!!! "DIDO"
    You need to come on around to my place and give me a little lesson in your Talent!!!!
    Take Care you wonderful person
    Have a great weekend

  14. oh my goodness! Every time I come visit your blog, Min, you just blow me away. How stunning is this?!! This is absolutely AMAZING! Wow, I don't know what else to say....

    Good luck with your move - hope everything goes smoothly for you.
    Soon you will be making new memories in your new home...I hope they are all good ones. xx
    Enjoy your weekend :))

  15. This is absolutely stunning! You blew this combo right out of the water! I didn't get to participate in this one and as I scrolled through the dt creations, I was blown away by yours. In fact, I am always blown away by your work, you're amazingly talented! :)

  16. wow love love everything on this layout! I also love the colours the blue and green together :)

  17. OMG, can your layouts get any more fantastic, this is divine, love the window and those flowers, hope your move goes well and thanks for taking the time to come on over and comment on the blog hop, I appreciate it x

  18. gorgeus!! it´s fantastic!! love it!

  19. Absolutely fantastic Min!!! Wow! it just takes my breath away!
    I hope your move goes smoothly and that you settle quickly in your new house. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Min! xx

  20. Absolutely GORGEOUS, love the great texture and fun element, so many beautiful things to look at, what a wonderful page, thanks for sharing you talent!!!!

  21. Wow Min! You are so clever! Very very clever!!!

  22. oh wow Min! that is a stunning LO...and what a beautiful way to remember your old house & all those special memories! totally luving all ur latest LOs! {sorry its been so long between visits!}
    also DITTO to Rachael Funnells comments!!! LOL x
    thx again for that mesh, is there anything that you're looking for? haven't got? run out of.....let me know!!! XX

  23. Wow! This is just absolutely beautiful! Love what you did with the grid challenge!

  24. WOW Min your LO is absolutely stunning.. the window frame chippy and your flower clusters look amazing.. gorgeous all around!! Good luck with the move to your new house! Have a fab week :))

  25. Time does fly by way too quickly! I hear you on moving and adjusting to ones surroundings...glad that you have the support of your sister (that really helps so much) and lovely friends. Good luck with your move into the new house! May you and your family be really happy in your new home. :)
    Another amazing, breathtaking completely gorgeous! I love the design, the corrugated board, the frame around the photo and all your beautiful embellishments..especially that Purple Pumpkin button (So excited that I received some PP from Jasmine yesterday..grin). You are super talented doll...loving your work! :)
    Happy packing....take care.

  26. Min this is a super special layout - my new fave of yours for sure! Just so perfect in every way! And Rachael's comment is just so cute! It keeps catching me in the corner of my eye...she is such a sweetie...and I am so sorry that you are going through a difficult time emotionally right now. I can hear you aren't your normal calm self. Life is tough at times. I hated living in Harare, Zimbabwe, where I could get nothing & not even shop online due to exchange control regulations but moving to South Africa was one of the hardest things we ever had to do & took so long to adjust to something completely new where we started ALL OVER AGAIN KNOWING I just love being in a town but still - no scrappy stuff worth having in the tiny shops here (big shops for other stuff but scrapbooking not a big thing here at all) so I do all my shopping online & have become a real pro at it! All I can suggest is looking at the positives. Nowhere is perfect. Enjoy your new home!

  27. Min,
    I've been following your blog for some time. But don't think I've ever left a comment?!Your work is just amazing! This layout is incredible. Very inspiring!

    Good luck with the move
    Sarah x