Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday: What I saw through the lense....

oooh just scrapping!!

These were taken on my phone camera so the quality is not quite there but it was good to reflect on a little of what we did today :)))

We all love watermelon....having it cut up is a staple in our fridge...

Having one last cuddle with daddy before he left for night shift....

School bag packed, everthing named and ready to go....5 more sleeps till Prep!!!!

Hope you all had a beautiful Wednesday!! :))


  1. we love watermelon here too! That photo of your DH and boys is so gorgeous. Take care xx

  2. oh min that photo of Brad and the boys is cute.. I love it - I hope you scrap it! Nothing better than Daddy cuddles uh!
    Love Riley bag and watermelon.. yep we love it too!
    HAve a good afternoon

  3. Lovely photos! Cell phone photos are all the rage now - yours look fine!!