Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Spring!!

Well I am happy to see the first day of Spring! Such a beautiful time of year here in Central Queensland before it gets too hot and I am planning on making the most of it.  I have already jumped started into Spring cleaning mode and done a huge clean up of rooms from top to bottom...its such a good feeling.  Its also only a few more weeks till we have our 2 week family holiday at the Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast...oooh its getting exciting and we have already begun counting down the sleeps!

Anyway, last month I did a layout for Manor House which included a simple step x step on how I created my flower clusters and how I used the gorgeous rosette ribbon.  Details can be found HERE.

This layout is about one of my beautiful sisters.  The quote I have used "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have", is the only way to describe what I see in her in a daily basis.  Her struggle, her loss is not a story that I will make public on the internet, but what she faces every day and the strength it takes to get through each day brings tears to my eyes and as a sister I so wish I could take her pain away.  Enough waffling.....


Using some new beautiful flowers from Manor House which I have misted and dabbed with Gesso. 

Now on to something a little happier...a few weekends ago I did a little photo shoot of my had been so long since I did something like this and we just had an amazing time.  Now its given me the inspiration to get scrapping! Wish I could share all my photos with you but I won't bombard you with them all :)) my boys and their black skinny jeans and boots!

We had loads of fun drawing with chalk on the road...

One thing I absolute love about where we live, is the diversity that surrounds us.  We are not only surrounded by huge coal mines, but also cattle farms, cotton farms, wheat farms, citrus farms, the Gem Fields are just out of town where you can search for precious gems, and this farm that the boys are overlooking.....a vineyard! Lots of vineyards around here too....So much beauty just in our backyard.

Such precious photos of my cute little boys...Finlay was so tired here he reckons he needed a rest!

Love those chalky pants on Riley...only happens when you have fun right!

Love love love this one...such a treasure :))

Okay I best be off and finish a layout I started the other day!

Thanks for visiting, your comments always give me a grin from ear to ear!
Min xo


  1. Beautiful page the colours and little details are so sweetly blended. You have a real talent for those Manor House flowers. Have a great time on your family holiday.

  2. The pics of your boys are just gorgeous! I lived in QLD for a little while when I was young and single! I love it and miss it so much, I spent a lot of time on the Sunshine Coast. I look forward to when I can take my children up there for a holiday.
    Stunning layout of your sister. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I must say you're misting and masking is something that I'm inspired by!
    Have a great holiday. X

  3. So beautiful Melinda, so soft, pretty and ever so gorgeous. Loved the photographs.... looks like you had a fabulous time away.

  4. I love love love love your lo and your photos!!! LOVING the flowers and the heart photo on your lo and your family is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. Hi Min, beautiful page layout, I'm sure your sister appreciates and gains more strength from thoughts and gestures like this showing she is supported and loved.
    I'm so glad spring is here too, I just wish I had some of your Spring cleaning energy, well done!

  6. Happy Spring to you Min! I love this layout, love the layers and the photo in a heart, and of course the flowers.. and such lovely photos too.. what beautiful country side you live in.. I am sure I will see these photos in a few layouts soon!!

  7. Stunning layout! So soft. Wow! Your photos are lovely too - love the one with the boys' backs to you! So cute!

  8. The layout is amazing!! . Such lovely
    Photos =) Looking forward to them on your layputs ;)

    Hugs maja

  9. What a lovely layout and wonderful quote... AND I just adore the photo shoot photos especially the last one!

  10. FAR OUT MIN... This like all of your Creations is...........
    OH! & the photos of your boys are SUPERB... ENJOY your little get away in as few weeks!!!

  11. wow what a beautiful post ... gorgeous pics and that page well what can I say . I adore monochromatic and this is not exception ... loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of it ... warm hugz to you xoxox

  12. Where do I start about what I love on your page and how fabulous your pics are? Amazing Min.
    I was actually thinking of you a couple of days ago and was going to msg you to see that all was ok.
    Have a fab time on your Holiday too.
    P.S. I met Karen and Nerrida today at the Expo in Melb and saw some of your beautiful work IRL. It really is better than on the net.

  13. Your pics are beautiful Min! You are quite the photographer. :)
    Gorgeous layout of your sister. You are lucky to have each other. xx

  14. Wow! Love your beautiful lo! Great pics as well!

  15. Beautiful! Love your flowerclusters and the keys. I´m really touched by what you are writing about yor sister <3
    Lovely pictures of the boys :o)
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  16. Your page is so beautiful and so very special Min :) Love the pics of your family too - they will make great pages I think :)

  17. Absolutely gorgeous page based on your sister--I can tell you put a lot of heart into it. It's beautifully designed--very special indeed. Those family photos are just as beautiful & Chantelle said--they are going to make for great pages! I especially liked the last one where the brothers have their arms around one another--so very tender. Being an only child I have a very special place for loving siblings since I've always wanted a sibling of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  18. just so beautiful Melinda......very heartfelt..

  19. Such a beautiful layout, Min! I hope things start to look up for her with her struggles & what she has been going thru :)

    Gorgeous photos of your beautiful family Min <3.

    Take care & enjoy your holiday!

  20. Simply beautiful layout! I love the softness of it, the layers & wishes to your sister & whatever she is dealing with. I absolutely love that quote too, think I'll be pinching that ;) Brilliant pics too, look forward to seeing them in future creations.

  21. wonderful photography, and great layering of the papers!

  22. Your "Sister" layout is just beautiful x
    The potos of your boys is great what wonderful scrap layout subjects. x

  23. oh Min.. that page is sooOooOoo special I love it :)) I love the clean lines and soft colours.
    AND.. those photos... are soooOOoooO cute.. love the skinny jeans and the chalk, super creativity :)))

  24. You are lucky to have spring...for us it was the 1st day of Autumn...I love your elegant and romantic layout! Lucky sister!And the photos of your boys are gorgeous! What a nice idea to write on the road with chalk! We must try that! Looks so fun!!
    Take care!!!
    p.s off to see the step x step!

  25. Wow! Are those pics ever amazing! Love the black with those colors! Amazing scrapping is in your future!!!! Love your MHC layout too! Super duper stunning!

  26. What a special page x
    Love the pics too!! :-)

  27. What a beautiful inspirational page you have done for yur sister. It is breathtakingly beautiful. And thanks for sharing your neighborhood ;) Precious photos!!!