Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CSI - Case File No. 124 + some news and changes :)

Hello everyone... :)

WOW has it been that long since I last posted! So so sorry!! :) So much has happened in the last couple of weeks...the most important was my little sisters wedding in Brisbane...she was such a stunning bride, both were so happy and it was such a gorgeous day and night right on the river in the city. Last one of my 4 sisters to get married :)))

So I came home and hit the ground running, always lots to do and the days aren't slowing down. As you may know the Flying Unicorn are major sponsors to the challenge site - CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration! So for this month the Creative Team at Flying Unicorn have been invited to be Special Detectives.

This week the Case File looks like this:

My take on this challenge :

"Hello Little One"

Sigh...I am still scrapping birth photos of my little boy from 8 months ago...wonder if I will ever catch up!
I am using a mixture of papers here...some really old Sass for my base paper, Maggie Holmes Crate paper and Jodie Lee Prima papers. 

Lots of gorgeous flowers from Manor House and the "Love" Chipboard is from 2Crafty which I have covered in a few different colours from Shimmerz.

My Testimony....I used the Inspiration word "Wish" as a stepping point for my journalling.

Evidence:  Butterflies, Flowers (of course!) Swirls, Watercolour Effect, Bokeh Effect on Photo & Tiny Brads

Okay on to some news and changes:

As of June my role at Flying Unicorn will change.  My six month term came up and I thought long and hard about keeping on going...its always a hard one when you are on such and awesome team. But the demand of being part of a forum and all that is involved in that and the kits each month was getting too much for me especially now that my baby is on the move, and the older the big boys get the more demanding school and other activities are.  

So now I am concentrating more on showcasing product that will be sent to me rather than being on the kit team and participating in the forum side of things.  Every now and then Alda will send me a kit to play with but she will mainly be sending me some product to showcase a couple times a month...I am really looking forward to this change. It will mean a little bit more time back for me and my family which is #1 but still being part of an awesome team :)) I am hoping to do a lot more scrapping just for me, for no reason or deadlines or the pressure which is something I have been wanting to get back to for a while.  Win win all round!!!

I also have some news...recently Manor House contacted me and asked if I would like to design for them again.  I once again, deliberated over this but I am happy to say that I am back on the team but only in a part time capacity...is there such a thing...lol!  You won't be seeing loads of work but I hope to do 1 or 2 projects a month.

Well that got a bit long winded so sorry :) Be back soon with more projects... 

Till next time
Hugs xo 


  1. Well Min I really dont know how you do it all!! I only have one child at home now and I feel so busy.. you have 3 boys!! wow... This layout is stunning, I really love the mix of colors and the flowers and that photo is precious.. take care..

  2. Oh wow Min, that photo is just beautiful. Wow. What a moment captured and your page, well it is just so so beautiful, sensational and spectacular.
    Congrats on the PT gigs, it's a great way to have your hands in the pie :)