Saturday, May 26, 2018

Scrap the Boys - May Challenge

Boom!!! Now don't fall off your chairs but I am back scrapping! And although I never really stopped I did take a massive break from online scrapping and DT type work because I needed it and so did my family.  I still did dabble here and there in some scrapbooking but never really shared too much.

  So lately I thought I really really needed to connect with like minded crafty peeps again as I have missed that a lot. So thought why not jump in a do a few challenges to get back out there.  Now I can't promises daily posts or anything but I will try and do a couple a month and maybe just some 'because' scrapping too.

So my 1st challenge site I visited was Scrap the Boys! And wow I was amazed and so inspired by this months challenge. Here it is...

Just loved the colours...some of my favourite colours to work with. Inspiration from this mood board came from the colours, also the paint strips which inspired me to make this layered paper background, the guys in sunnies and the leaves. So pretty much all of it! :)

So here is my layout.

'Guy Stuff'

Just using bits and bobs from years back that I have still hiding away in my scrap desk. Think this must be the 1st layout I have ever done in a long time that doesn't have flowers! But it kind of goes well with out my signature flowers hey :)

Think I need to hone in on my photography and editing skills of my layouts but there you have it. My 1st challenge layout I have done in many many years!

Not sure if blogs are still in vogue or if anyone reads them anymore...if you do stop by please leave me a little love or let me know how to share my work or what the goes it these days.

Hope you are all well and look forward to catching up in the scrappy world.

Min xo


  1. HELLO!! Yes I still 'do' blogs! Sooo good to see you posting again.. I am sure life is busy for you with your boys, and it is great to see this fabulous layout you have created.. so many details and layers and wow your boys sure have grown up since the last time i saw a photo... I hope you are well and life is good!!!

  2. Wow, this is an awesome layout, and I am thrilled that the STB moodboard was able to inspire you to create and share this layout. Thanks for joining us at STB.

  3. Oh so much awesome layering!! Love this! Thanks for joining our challenge at STB :)

  4. I'm glad you are back an start from our challenge! Such a rgeat page with fabulous colours and fantastic layering! Thanks for joining us at STB.

  5. Yes, some of still blog! What a stunning re-entry in the world of challenges. Love your design with the layering and ink splashes. Thanks for joining us at STB.

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  7. so pretty ! love al the layers ! Thank for joining us at STB

  8. Pretty fabulous! Love the mixed of textures! Thanks for joining us at STB!

  9. Awesome page! Thank you so much for joining us at Scrap the Boys

  10. Oh lala what an amazing page !! Love everything about it!! Thanks for joining us at STB

  11. How funny.... I was clearing out some old SM mags last night and was having a flick through. Your page/face popped out of one and I wondered if you were still in the scrappy world so I just "stalked you" and found that you have just re-entered the "world". Welcome back. I am the same these days. Only do a little bit, enough to keep my creative juices flowing but life is busier with older kids and that becomes the priority. :)

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