Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm still HERE....!!!

just,!!! I know its only Wednesday but it sure feels like it should be the end of the week!!! So much has been happening here lately I not sure who I am or where I am some days! Do you ever feel like that?

We have had massive amounts of rain which has caused flooding and our little country town to be isolated from the rest of the state, Brad was stranded in floodwaters last Friday, power has been off and on. I have had Kindy interviews for Riley, our house in Brisbane settles this week, so I have been tooing and froing between banks and solicitors and our real estate, I have nursed my baby every night since Sunday night all night and been at the hospital for a couple of hours last night...he is sick with Croup!!!  Its been so stinking HOT here during the day that because I being up at night I have had zilch energy to do anything housework related...okay that's not true, I have been busy catching up on washing and ironing and doing some baking.  Oh this is probably nothing compared to you other busy mums but this is just a little of what's been happening in my household since the last I posted.



Some I can share, some I can't.  Here is a just because LO.  I am going thru a but of a faze at the moment and I love to scrounge thru my stash and look at ways I can use older products.  I have had this diecut paper for AGES and always thought it looked a bit busy so I chopped it in half and joined it together and smeared white paint over the cardstock to tone down the colours.  I LOVE how this turned out.

Using a few products there, the chipboard buttons and fabric flower thing from the Chip Chop Shop.

Must keep going and attend to my sick little boy.  He needs lots of cuddles today and is VERY tired! 

If none of this makes sense or I have made any mistakes....mummy is tired brain is a little fuzzy!! Apologies :)


  1. Oh no, sounds like you are doing it tough at the moment. Hope your little guy feels better soon. I absolutely LOVE your layout. Love how you cut that die cut in half, it looks awesome!

  2. Dear Min, this layout you have made using the older products is just gorgeous, what a great self challenge. How you cut the diecut in half and layered it over the other looks awesome.

    I am sorry to hear your little boy has Croup, my son was misdiagnosed with Croup when he was 6mths old and not long after they treated him with prednysol and after 2 treatments he has been fine ever since. We moved to Ipswich too which is drier in tempertature heats instead of muggy and this may have helped. I pray he gets better soon, it is just horrible seeing and hearing them cough so much hey. Hope the flooding dissapates for you too, bordering on flooding here too. More to come they say!!!Love Melxx

  3. OH Dear, poor little man :-( :-( know what it's like having sick babies with croup :-( not fun. And, mummy's get NO sleep because they are listening for every breath and soothing fevered foreheads. Hope things get better SOON!!!
    The layout you have made is gorgeous, love the colours and the fun design. What a great idea with the die-cut and the 'using older supplies' phase - love it, I do it all the time ... and yet, I still end up with a huge stash!! How does that happen?!?! LOL
    Hope the flooding situation improves. You must be so OVER IT!!!
    Thinking of you

  4. love the layout Min, just gorgeous! Hope your little boy is feeling better soon and that you manage to get some sleep. Take care, Deb xx

  5. IKWYM about life being soooo busy!! Sorry to hear about your little boy, hope he gets better soon. My eldest son suffered with croup so I know all about it, since moving to a drier climate he has been so much better but hang in there they do grow out of it :) Love the LO too!!!

  6. Oh Min, yep, life is like that. Some days you wonder if you could actually fit any more in. I hope your little man is feeling a bit better. Just think, when he is 18 you wont be able to sit and cuddle him all day so enjoy it now, even though the other stuff is piling up around you. Love your LO. Great idea with the diecut. Loving all of the embellies too. I have been trying to do the same lately, using up whatever I can. A clean out always helps too to actually see what you have.