Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zip zilch...nadda...

yep that is what is happening at the moment in my creative little corner!!! :(((((

Apart from my team commitments I have really struggled to do anything else! I sometimes wonder if I can scrap anymore??!!! But I know its because I am expecting visitors tomorrow for a few days, which has seen me busy this week madly cleaning the place from top to bottom!!!

But THIS announcement made my day!!! Was totally not expecting to be featured again at Once Upon a...Sketch! Thanks so much girls and CONGRATS to all the other featured artists and to the winner!

And I will leave you with another sneaky peaky!!!! hehe....all will be revealed next month!'s hoping I know how to scrap again next week! :S



  1. He he! CONGRATS girl. You deserve it..It was a beautiful layout.

    So sorry to hear about your scrapping woes..Truth is I AM exactly the same. Since I started work I am struggling..big time. Hope we both feel better about it all soon.

    Take care, Nadia.

  2. Well, I'm another scrapper in the same boat. But, I think I've made peace with it now :-) I scrap when I feel like it ... plus, my DH says I'm getting too many albums now anyway!! LOL. I can't ever see myself quitting, just slowing down :-). Who says you have to churn out x amout of pages anyway! Just do what you feel like and like what you do ;-)
    Oh, congrats on the feature! I haven't tried those challenges for a while ... they are great though aren't they! Thanks for visiting my blog too :-) Fab sneak ... wonder what it's for ever!! Can't wait to see :-)

  3. *YAY* Congrats on the Feature... I thought your LO totally rocked!! & YEP! Another Scrapper Struggling,It must be that time of the Year!!! LOL! For ME I think, it's trying to find time & then I find 5mins I just want to rest.... LOL!! Anyway LOVIN that sneak peak!!!! It has Inspired Me.. I might go start on a Layout!!!
    Enjoy your vistors!!

  4. YEAH Melinda. And your Sneak looks devine. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. Congrats Melinda!!! Why you didn't expect that? Your style is awesome!!! I've placed you on my sidebar for inspiration!!! Well done!!!!

  6. Congratulations, it is a gorgeous layout! I am loving the look of that sneak too.

  7. BIG congrats Min!! That layout is stunning! I'm the same when we expect visitors. :) At least you won't have to deep clean your house for a while and will have plenty of time to scrap when your visitors leave. :)

  8. Melinda your work is awesome. Congrats on that - I always love getting the notification that you have linked up to us on OUAS - you are very talented. All artists have their slumps - sometimes I have to just keep going when I am not in the mood but it actually works just to push through it...

  9. hmmm... yep, add me to the list of struggling to do anything other than ct/dt stuff! problem is my 'to do' list is just getting longer and longer and i feel the need to find a bit more balance too.... !

  10. Big Congrats on your feature! Your lo is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the full view of your looks great!