Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A scarey day!!

Hello :)))


Back home again now with loads of washing and packing away....Kindy Christmas concerts and end of year activities, make - up swimming lessons to be had since we missed one last week, getting over a 24hr bug and my day today started like this.

Up at 4.30 (yep!) getting a few things like some washing started and some odd jobs done before the boys get up, getting DH off to work....planning a great day with my two boys....I was going to finish some washing, ironing (boring I know!!) and then we were going to do lots of Christmas craft, make presents and do cards for all Riley's Kindy friends and teachers....well none of it happened!!

Well I managed 2 loads of washing and while just starting to peg the 2nd load out, Riley come around from the back of the house, screaming...and I mean screaming, like the one where your heart stops beating...saying 'I've been bitten' over and over mean while lifting up his shirt to reveal to me...2 puncture wounds on his back!!!! I did not hesitate..washing stayed outside unhung in the basket, I got both boys inside, trying to calm Riley down and ask him what he saw and what he did....of course he was in pain and couldn't clearly tell me. 

(and no..Emerald hospital does NOT look like!!)

I phoned ahead to the emergency and they were waiting for Riley.  I am forever thankful that my dear sister met me at the hospital and took Finlay for me....I was scared....totally scared I had no idea what to expect.  I didn't see it happen, I didn't go a check out the back for what it number 1 priority was my little boy...  Riley needed every person to hold him down...he was petrified...10 drs and nurses standing all over him, getting the snake kit and testing the wounds.  He just kept calling out for me, shaking, screaming...I was doing all I could to keep it together while trying to calm him down, and telling him it was going to be all right. 

After 4 unsuccessful attempts to get a vein (due to Riley moving because it hurt, therefore the vein collapsed) to get some blood tests, they decided to use numbing cream and do it that way.  So while that was doing its job (numbing the area), he calmed down, the nurses bought him some colouring pencils and book...I talked about this that and everything, trying to take his mind off it....

It was then that we found out it WASN'T a snake bite but what was it???? No one really knows....All I can say is was a huge relief...I know that snakes don't usually bite that high up on the body but my boys love to zoom their trucks around on the concrete path and when they get to the grass they like to 'crash' (as boys do) and roll onto the grass.  All I could think of was that he did this and rolled onto a snake...

Now we do live in town...we don't live in the bush but we do side onto a boundary fence, which on the other side of the fence is a vineyard and then on the other side of the house is a vacant block which much to our disgust is not kept neat and tidy.  Ever since we moved in and the neighbours said they have seen 8 brown snakes in 3 years, I have been teaching the boys to look every time they step outside...always have shoes on (!!) and if they see one, run as fast as you can back inside and tell mummy. Since the floods last year, there are alot more snakes around this summer, so you can never be too careful I reckon...

Well getting back to the hospital...can I just say how much I LOVE the small town community and the care they have for each other....I had a complete stranger come up to me and said she heard my little boy screaming so she went out to Toyworld and came back with some toys for Riley...I mean I was floored...I cannot thank her enough for being so thoughtful and really helped in keeping him distracted.

So in the end, a vein was had, the first of many bloods were taken and we were told we were being admitted to the ward for a 9 hour observation with a possible overnight stay.  He is getting on okay but at 5pm his blood tests were still showing a rising in his muscle value (?) if you are a nurse or dr you might understand.  So until they lower (they are taking blood every couple of hours) he stays in hospital.

I am sorry for typing this all up...thank you if you got this far in reading, I don't really expect you to...I was just typing this up for my records.  Think I will have to scrap this story!

I am also very, very glad that the drs and nurses of A&E took this seriously and did everything possible to make the experience less frightening for Riley and also not once did they make me feel silly for taking him to the just never know these days.

So that was my was yours????

I am dying to scrap...its been 2 weeks... but family needs must come first! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon!

Take care


  1. Oh GOSH! HOW scary. When you said "the screaming when your heart stops" its like I could hear it. I am So very sorry for this experience you and your family had. I sure hope all works out and he is OK in the end, but I know you need to take care of you too because this is traumatic for any mum. I hope tomorrow is a better day! Take care

  2. gosh how very scary for you, I hope Riley I s on the mend very soon, hospitals can be scary for little ones...

  3. Indeed how scary!!!!
    Like Nadia said the screaming would have made my heart stop!!
    The only thing I do not miss about living in Australia is the dangerous reptiles, spiders etc etc etc.....
    I am so curious as to what it was that bit him!
    Well all is well and you are home now.
    Hope you find time to scrap!

  4. OH!GEE!
    It's always sad to hear your Child cry & trying to get them to understand that you are only trying to do the very best for them!!!
    Hoping your little fella is on the Mend now...
    Have a Good weekend!!

  5. OMGosh Min. I so feel for you. That must have been absolutely terrifying. It is my greatest fear living on a rural property. I do hope Riley is feeling much better soon and you find out exactly what bit him. Sending big hugs your way. :-)

  6. Oh frightening for you all, Min! I'm so glad that it wasn't a snake! Did they end up finding out what it was?

    And how lovely for that lady to go and buy Riley a toy....just shows there are some very caring people out there.

    Hope Riley is all ok now....enjoy the rest of your week & I hope you get to scrap soon :) xx

  7. Oh Min how terrifying for you and your little boy. Glad to hear it wasn't a snake bite. We have had lots of them around this year. Its pretty scary - especially when the kids just want to play outside. Hope he is back to normal in no time. Hugs to you. xx

  8. Your poor little man :( I'm glad he is in the mend Min. It's amazing what adrenaline can get you through. Hugs to you and I hope you get to scrap soon xx

  9. ((HUGS)) M in.. you know I am here if you need me ok! Just up the road remember! :))
    talk soon

  10. Oh gosh Min, feeling for you!!! I hope Riley is much better and you get back on track for a lovely weekend:):) Hugs xo

  11. OMGosh Min!! How absolutely terrifying!! I am so pleased that he is okay and it wasn't a snake bite!! Thanks goodness for that. Isn't it also wonderful to live in a country town where strangers care enough about each other to try and help out. You will be so glad to have this story scrapped at a future date...x

    ps - I just wanted to also leave a little note of thanks for the love left on my blog. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it...x

  12. oh that must have been terrifying... we do live in the bush and that is my worst nightmare.. i do hope your son is much better by now... and it was good to get to hospital and get some help quickly too.. i hope you get to do some scrapping to lower your blood pressure.. i think you need it after that!!

  13. Oh Min, I had goosebumps reading it. I don't know how you kept it together. I hope he improves and that the levels come down. Take care. x

  14. wholly bugger Min, just catching up with everything....

    ahhhh boys, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, trucks, grass, smashing, rolling. Mine are the same.

    In the past two months Zac has come face to face with 3 browns. Freaking scary, just to know they they have seen them and are screaming their heads off is bad enough but to know they may have been bitten... xxxx

  15. Yikes - what a terribly frightening story Min! So very sorry for your ordeal!! Somehow every child seems to have to go through one of these things at some stage & thank goodness it all worked out okay in the end!!

  16. Oh my gosh what a fright!
    I cannot imagine the anguish. I can so relate!
    I am relieved to hear he was take care of and hope he is fine now.
    That must have been so hard for you.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!Take care!

  17. Reading about the events leading up to your little guy being in the hospital just made my heart almost jump out of my chest. Cannot even begin to imagine how you must have felt *shiver*. Soooo happy and relieved to know what the outcome of this ordeal is. xoxoxoxox