Friday, December 2, 2011

On the second day of Christmas....

hello :))))

yep the Christmas feeling is really coming alive now, especially in this household.  For weeks now Riley has been making/doing Christmas related stuff at Kindy and today he has bought most of it home :((((....he only has 2 more days of Kindy for the rest of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it.....!!!! sob sob...

Yesterday after he came out of hospital, it was a real treat to get the Christmas tree out and put up all the decorations far we aren't destroying them like last year!!!! Lets see how the next 25 odd days go!! I am loving all the sweet little handmade touches that Riley has carefully added to the tree....just so special!

Speaking of Riley, thank you so much for leaving me beautiful messages on my last post, especially those who emailed and sent me text messages...just hearing from you and knowing you were there was lovely!!! He is out of hospital now and after many blood tests and the doctor conferring with a professor in Melbourne who specialises in snake bites, it turns out he was bitten by a SPIDER!!! What sort, is a mystery!! What ever it was, the poison was affecting his muscle value and need close monitoring for 24+ hours! scrap news Stuck?! Sketches have released a new sketch for the month...

The faces you pull.... I think we can all relate to having our darlings do everything but what you want them to do when it comes to take their photo...this little boy especially!!

Okay...the sketch is there...I flipped it to the right 90 fussy cutting around some Pink Paislee paper is my 'banners'....and as always, I like to mix a little grunge with feminine :))))

Having the most fun with my Distress Inks at the moment.  They are especially superb when altering plain flowers like this white Prima one..

Well I am doing some scrapping this weekend....that's the plan! Unfortunately I will be doing DT stuff as I like to get that out the road first...but I am hoping to do a just because page....because I need to!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by! :))
Min xx


  1. So sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal with your DS and the spider bite, and so glad he's OK now. Adore your gorgeous LO Min, the colours, the beautiful detail and the sweet photos all add up to another stunning creation!! Have a wonderful weekend :)) hugs

  2. Hi Min,
    Cooper is the same, only 3 days left of Kindy....we went up to his prep classroom today and I think he is super excited to go to "big School"!!!!
    Loving the pic of Riley and his ben 10 watch, I think our boys would get on just a treat:):) Glad he is okay!
    Gorgeous page as usual, enjoy your scrappy weekend xo

  3. oh poor Riley and You! That must have been a worry. Glad he is out of Hospital now. Although he looked pretty happy with that omnitrix!.
    Your Stuck Sketch layout is just devine, always love the way you add the corrugated cardboard and the butterflies and fussy cutting are all gorgeous too.
    enjoy your scrappy weekend. :)

  4. so glad to hear he is better now. It must have been a scary time for you all. Gorgeous layout, take care xx

  5. So glad to see a pic of your little man smiling :-). Been thinking of you guys non stop!!
    Gorgeous page, all that fussy cutting - wow, you have more patience than me hehe :-)
    Must catch up soon

  6. Well a spider bite freaks me out more than a snake bit.....but so glad he is doing well. I love that hospital snap.
    And your stuck page, delish. Everything.

  7. OHHH that layout is sooo delish Melinda the fussy cutting looks glad to hear little riley is doing ok!

  8. Absolutely beautiful Min! Love your page!! So sorry to hear about Riley's spider bite - what a scary day indeed! Enjoy your scrappy weekend!!

  9. oh so glad your son is on the road to recovery... and i hope you get some scrapping done too.. this layout is stunning.. love the layers the corrugated ripped card.. all of it.. have a great weekend too!!

  10. so pleased to hear all is ok now .... how scary .... the pic of him is very cute ... xox
    now your page is sooooooooooooooo amazing .... love the grungy, textured layered look you achieve with such perfection .. love it all .. hugz x

  11. Glad to hear he's better now! This layout is soooo full of wonderful details and the texture is amazing! I love how you've used the distressed inks. Stunning work as always, Melinda!!! :D :D :D

  12. Hi Min, so sorry to hear about your son, glad he is on the mend, love your post and the xmas decorations are so sweet, take care, Doreen x

  13. So sorry to hear about little Riley, I hope he's doing good by now.. And your layout is gorgeous as always, Min!! Your work is always wonderful with lots of great details, I absolute love it!! Have a good day and take care!! xoxo.

  14. Oh my....I was on a trip for the last 6 days and I just saw this! I am sorry for everything you all went through and I am happy he is well now! Tell him that he might have super powers now like spiderman!!LOL
    A huge hug from me!!

  15. My gosh Min, backtracking your blog I've just found out about your DS and the spider bite. So glad he's on the mend and by now a couple of weeks later, back to his normal cheerful self! love what you do with all the painterly as of late, makes me really itching to pull out my own bottles and jars that have accumulated a fine coat of dust in their drawers ... Mmmmmm ... LOVE your page Min, stunning work again! xxxx