Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In a blink...

its over!!! Yesterday Riley 'graduated' from Kindy with his 1st Diploma...hehe!! He is so proud of it (and so am I of him!!).  What a year...can't believe it went so fast.  I had mixed feelings happy and excited for the next chapter in our lives but sad as it means my little boy is growing up.  Riley greeted me yesterday and said 'well that's it more Kindy days!! I am really sad'.... poor little fella, he made some wonderful friends and sadly as it goes only a handful of them are going with him to the same school next year.  But I know that he will quickly and easily make new friends in Prep.


Now seeing as tho the year is nearly over, I want to thank all my followers for supporting me and leaving me really encouraging and lovely comments.......without you I know I would have given up!!!

I have 2 FULL kits to GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KIT 1 - My Scrapbook Nook

KIT 2 - Cocoa Daisy

These kits are jammed packed full of really yummy stuff and I would LOVE to give them to someone/s for Christmas!!!!!!!!

Leave me a comment at the end of this post for your chance to win.  I will draw a winner on Monday

Thanks so much for everything!
Min xx


  1. sigh.....I had the same with Addison yesterday, hi s last day of kindy too, I think I was more saddr as I knew that was a chapter in his life that was ending...

  2. They grow up way too fast Min! Feels like yesterday mine were that age and now my youngest will do Year 12 next year. Riley looks so proud and happy. :)

  3. Congrats on graduating Kindy, Riley! How exciting that you are heading off to big school next year!

    It is sad that they grow up! Michala is off to prep next year too! She is counting the days. lol That will mean 2 at school and only 1 at home. It makes me sad. :(

  4. Awwww he looks so so proud of himself and so happy too, and rightly so! Love the pics, Min :)

    They do grow up way too fast...I hate to say it, but before you know it he will be graduating from Yr 12 :( - when I look back to my eldests first day of school, it feels like just yesterday & I remember it so well, but she is now about to turn 22!!! (which makes me feel oh so old! lol)

    Wishing Riley all the best for the next big step into 'big school' and then the rest of his education years....I hope you all enjoy every step of the way and get to savour each & every moment & achievement :) xx

  5. Oh wow this would be such a lovely early Chrismas pressy!! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed! Oh and congrats to Riley - it's our last week of kindy and Prep here too - so proud and excited!! xox

  6. wow, he looks so grown up. How exciting to be heading to Prep next year though! I can't believe Kate is heading to high school. It seems like only yesterday that she started school.

  7. Congratulations on the graduation. My youngest graduated last week and will be heading off to Prep next year. Great pictures.

  8. awww my little Riley starts Prep next year, hasn't been to school yet, so am a little nervous for him. I'm sure your lil Riley will make tons of new friends next year!! Oh and would love to win...of course LOL. Hope you have a great rest of the week xoxo

  9. Don't kids grow up way to fast??!! Mine are 21 and 19 and it seems like they were just born. I hope you have a great day!

  10. YAY! Congrats to Riley...
    WOW! big School next year, Hope he has a Wonderful Time!!!!

  11. Yes it does just take a blink of an eye for them to grow up :( but at least we get to treasure every moment.
    Merry christmas to you all.

  12. Sweet photo's, wait till the first day of prep - you will get all teary saying your first goodbye at big school :)

  13. Yes, time seems to fly by even more quickly - we have to enjoy each and every moment and make it special.
    Enjoy your day ♥

  14. Riley.. CONGRATS!!! How exciting but sad at the same time.
    Enjoy the school holidays :) x

  15. Oh he looks so proud!! So exciting :-) :-) Yep, they sure do grow up fast, in saying that, we can't WAIT for prep next year!! LOL
    PS. Can't wait to see these scrapped :-)

  16. stunning pics MIN .... beautiful .. enjoy every stage Min enjoy every stage .. hugz x

  17. Huge congrats to Riley....he looks so happy and proud btw he is so cute! LOL

  18. Aaaah Riley looks so happy with himself Melinda. Very sweet. Yes the years will fly by don't you worry - and there's nothing you can do - but scrapbooking will help remind you of all those wonderful precious moments. My oldest just finished Year 12 - eeeek!

  19. I well remember all the milestone passing Melinda. Sad, eh. But chin up, after children come grandchildren. I love mine to bits and the eldest had her last day at Kindy today also!!

  20. Congratulations Riley!! :-)

    My youngest graduated from Kindy today too Min... there were tears but not from Danan, from me & his kindy teacher LOL! Danan took it all in his stride & can't wait to get to school next year with his brother & sister.

    Secretly I am looking forward to having some scrapping time again when they are all at school next year ;-) LOL!

    Thank you also for all the lovely comments you've left for me this year too.

  21. Congratulations on graduating!!! He is a big boy now!!LOL!!! Melinda you are so generous! A big thank you for all the inspiration I find in your blog!! I LOVE visiting!!!

  22. They are great pics, and he will have a great time at "big" school. I love your blog Min, always so inspiring.

  23. oh yes they grow up tooo fast, and i used to always shed a quiet tear at these milestones!! i hope the next chapter is equally exciting for both of you!!!

  24. oh how cute! My youngest finishes Kindy on Tuesday so off to full time prep nxt year, I know how you feel :)
    I'm sad i will have no babies at home next year!
    Great giveaway thanks for the chance!

  25. What cute photos Min!! And I love the little conversation you were having - kids say the sweetest things :) Wow your giveaway looks lovely!! I have one too but haven't even got to photographing it yet - oh boy!! Soon it will become a New Year's giveaway at the rate I'm going!

  26. It is much harder on us than on them. My baby starts big school next year, she can't wait. I don't think I am ready though as her brother only started this year, it's all too close together! I love his diploma, it's fab!

  27. Hi sweet first of all thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!!!
    Congratulations on graduating Kindy!!!!How exciting it is!!Next year will be Marcella´s too!!!
    Great giveways!!!!
    I wish a wonderful weekend.
    Big kisses and huges from Brazil